Welcome with a book

What to do with the many books you own?

They share each other, because we want others to feel our feelings in reading them, becoming friends in some way. There is no more beautiful conversation between two people than one stimulated by something that thrilled both of them. Some of our books are already at your disposal in the apartment, scattered throughout the rooms, and if you want to waste a few minutes of your time, you can take a look at our virtual library, where you can find further works and some title you like, which we will let you find upon your arrival.

Library, for those who love books, is certainly one of the most beautiful words. It is a magical place, full of charm, which evokes the ancient Greek buildings, seat of knowledge, such as the famous Library of Celsus in Ephesus, or the more famous one in Alexandria in Egypt, which was destroyed during the Alexandrian war against Julius Caesar, or more likely during the struggle against time, the passage of the centuries. Anyone who reads is easily enthusiastic even just seeing the cover of a book, whether it is new or very old, because he knows that underneath it there is an unrepeatable adventure of the spirit. Reading means traveling. Umberto Eco’s words are beautiful, that through reading we return to the time of the plague of the Betrothed, we witness the killing of Abel by Cain, that is, we experience moments that our short-lived life would prevent us from knowing. Anyone who reads lives in different ages and lives, knows the extraordinary journey that man has made on our planet. Those who love books enter the library or bookstore like him, you return home in the evening, if only to be there. We even buy books that sometimes will not even be read, but which we are also pleased to see resting on the bedside table, waiting, with their simple potential to tell us. The word book has the same root of freedom, there is no direct connection, but perhaps it is no coincidence. CONTACT US TO CONTINUE TALKING TOGHETHER