The ancient Baths

The Val d’Orcia is an area rich in hot springs and geysers that feed some of the oldest spas in Italy, dating back to Roman times. These are sulphurous waters with healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and above all anti… stress properties!


The hydraulic works of man convey these waters directly into the Spas (Bagno Vignoni, Chianciano Terme, Bagni San Filippo, San Casciano dei Bagni), all structures that combine the beauty of their location with the highest quality wellness services (natural baths, saunas, massages). SEE ALL THE SPA IN THE PROVINCE OF SIENA

In other cases, the erosive action of water has created very suggestive natural pools, such as the free spas of Bagni San Filippo), or the Gorello and the Parco dei Mulini in Bagni Vignoni, located directly on the Via Francigena.

Walking around on two feet

You can start your walks directly from Monticchiello, from which numerous walks start with which you can reach the nearest villages, such as Pienza or Montepulciano. Or you can walk immediately behind Casa Bonari and immerse yourself in the heart of Val d’Orcia in just a few minutes. From here in fact begins a path that through a beautiful dirt road will lead you to the Mosca wood from which you can enjoy a 360 ° view of the valley, and then continue through the old farms, in various directions, up to the Orcia river.


A succession of beautiful views will keep you company whatever direction you take, many destinations to reach by crossing the countryside.


Around on two wheels

The bike has certainly become the most used way to get to know this area, indeed it is probably one of the reasons why two-wheel enthusiasts choose Monticchiello, combining the quiet of the place with the ease of reaching more distant tourist destinations. Even the most inexperienced of pedaling finds the best solution with the e-Bike that will allow him to move without great effort. CONTACT OUR PARTNERS “CICLOFFICINE DEL TEATRO POVERO”


Whole days on the bike to fully enjoy the villages, the views, the good food that you will find cycling and stopping in the most beautiful villages. And if you really don’t want to give up on motorized two wheels, you can always wander around the valley with the historic red wasps, which will give a vintage flavor to your excursions. In short, you can undertake real tours on the road among suggestive landscapes, medieval villages and historic streets.

Greedy proposals

The food and wine routes of this land are infinite, as it boasts a very rich wine and culinary tradition, as well as excellent products.


Wine plays a leading role, as this area is one of the most sought after for its very high enological quality. The wonderful vineyards of Montalcino where Brunello is produced and those found along the streets of the Nobile di Montepulciano, offer one of the most valid reasons to stay there. Oil is the other flagship product of our land; old and new oil mills can be found practically in every village. The dishes of the Valdorcia tradition can be tasted in the numerous typical restaurant scattered throughout the territory, where you can taste the excellent beef, handmade pasta, soups, sauces.


Little tourists

There are many experiences to live Val d’Orcia with children in tow, as there are many places suitable for them, where they can both have fun and enrich their knowledge in a creative way. Let’s find out together…

The easy routes within the Via Francigena; bike rides on the winding roads that cross the countryside; the magical baths in the natural pools of San Filippo, the space dedicated to children at Terme Theia; the castle of Radicofani with its medieval spectacles; trips with the Nature Train; the Adventure Park of Chianciano Terme; the Indiana Park of Monte Amiata; the sources of the Vivo d’Orcia in the middle of the woods; how bread is made at the Spedaletto Mill; the charm of the centuries-old Quercione delle Checche; the labyrinth of the Leonini Gardens of San Quirico … and when you are tired, go and put your feet in the hot water of Bagni Vignoni!

Art Paths

Val d’Orcia is also a land of important and beautiful museums which house works that have made the history of the places that host them; even non-experts will certainly amaze. We want to list below those closest to us and which are certainly worth a visit:

Diocesan Museum of Pienza and Palazzo Piccolomini

Civic Museum of Montepulciano

Civic and Diocesan Museum of Montalcino

Tepotratos Museum of Monticchiello

Civic Archaeological Museum “Of the waters” of Chianciano Terme

Chiusi Museum

Mining Museum of Abbadia San Salvatore


Glimpses of the author

Photo/handwriting… or writing with light. And here the light bathes a timeless landscape at all hours of the day, worked by man, but not artifact. The soft dunes that are colored according to the season, the white roads that wind between the hills and the gullies, the horizon enclosed by the silhouette of the medieval villages that ignites at sunset, offer a myriad of ideas for lovers of photography, making even the inexperienced an artist.

The beauty of the Valdorcian countryside has become an icon thanks also to the cinema and the use of the image by the mass media, but the quiet and confidentiality of this area make it possible to find a corner, a glimpse that has so far gone unnoticed and make them unique. Wherever you go, by bike, on foot, by car, you will be forced to stop after a few steps because wonderful views will continually be offered to you, in the open countryside as in the most reserved corner of a lonely road.