Art and passions to share

The red thread that has always kept us united is a passion for art, literature, music and the territory, rich in memory and beauty.

The Music Room is located on the same floor as the apartment, with very bright windows overlooking the porch. It is a room / study with a Kawai half-grand piano, which can be made available on request for study purposes or simply for the pleasure of playing it. In the studio there is an old working stereo with turntable, a collection of classical music on LPs and many books on musical subjects.




This is an environment to which we are extremely attached, as we have spent so much time studying music. Valentina, I studied piano for many years, started the Conservatory and then I have undertaken the path of the Art History, graduating in Conservation of Cultural Heritage. Rossella, I obtained the Music degree in transverse flute and I teach my instrument in musical institutes and musical preparatory in primary schools. There, Conservatory exams were prepared, we met with study friends and teachers, good and bad notes flew, daydreams were made that partly came true and partly transformed into other passions that still endure as time passes. Many are the memories that fill this room, of the afternoons in which we studied music and the sound of the flute and the piano reached the neighbors, perhaps not always happy with our musical raids! READ OUR STORY

Many musicians passing through Monticchiello, hired for the summer concerts of the “Teatro Povero”, stopped here, first passing by the “Taverna di Moranda” managed by our grandparents. Our father Albo, very amateur guitarist! he made friends with the artists and between a plate of pici and a good glass of wine, he started talking about music and then led them right to our house, in this room, where they often played and practiced for the concerts themselves.