Christmas in progress…

I don’t want / to dive / into a ball / of roads./ I have a lot / tiredness / on my shoulders./ Leave me like this / as a / thing / placed / in a / corner / and forgotten. / that the good heat. / I am / with the four / somersaults / of smoke / of the hearth. Giuseppe Ungaretti.

The cold air, the lit fireplace, the desire for pampering and the intimacy of the home and the family atmosphere that the Christmas period brings… we are entering a magical, indispensable time. The days outdoors, around the narrow streets and the beautiful buildings of the ancient Tuscan villages and the evenings holed up in the heat, in front of the flame, surrounded by books, candles, soft blankets, chat with friends, a glass of wine.


We are waiting for you at CasaBonari to let you experience all this and give you many useful tips on how to spend your days in Monticchiello and its surroundings. You just have to reach us!


Rossella and Valentina

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