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The great Anish Kapoor exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi
7 October 2023 - 4 February 2024

In the splendid setting of the Strozzi family’s Renaissance palace in Florence, a unique event has come to life, the first exhibition dedicated to one of the major artists of contemporary art in the world, Anish Kapoor.

Kapoor’s works arouse amazement and anxiety, questioning every certainty. In the rational geometries of Palazzo Strozzi, the artist invites us to lose and rediscover ourselves, to explore a world whose boundaries between true and false dissolve, questioning ourselves on what is Untrue or Ureal.

“I have always been attracted by an idea of fear, by a sensation of vertigo, of falling. It is a vision of darkness. Fear is a darkness where the eye is uncertain, the hand turns in the hope of a contact and only the imagination has a chance of escape.” A. Kapoor (1993).

Good vision!

And if you are hungry after the exhibition… our favorite restaurants in Florence:

TRATTORIA ZAZA Fabulous traditional cuisine!

ALL’ANTICO VINAIO The young touch of the most famous and international Florentine of the moment.

CENTRAL MARKET A fantastic location, full of colors and flavours, the San Lorenzo Market. On the second floor you will find the “Magnifici”, named after Lorenzo the Magnificent, prince of the Medici, where you can enjoy the flavors of all of Italy in an easy and cheerful way! Not to be missed, one of our favorite places.

LA MENAGèRE Still remaining in the San Lorenzo district, a truly fashionable and very romantic restaurant, a little international…



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