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Reaching for the stars

Palazzo Strozzi a Firenze.
04 Mars – 18 June 2023

A journey that begins in the splendid courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi with the monumental first work GoNogo, by the Japanese artist Goshka Macuga, and continues in the Renaissance rooms of the palace built by Benedetto da Maiano in 1489. The artists on display are among the most representative voices of the international contemporary art: Cattelan, Hirst, Sherman, Lucas, Favaretto and many others.

A perfect marriage between ancient art and modern installations, visionary, questionable, provocative, which will not be able to leave you without the need to reflect on the concept of the Art of the new millennium.

We’ve been there!
Don’t lose it!


And if you’re hungry after the exhibition…our favorite restaurants in Florence:

Fabulous traditional cuisine!
The young touch of the most famous and international Florentine of the moment
A fantastic location, full of colors and flavours, the San Lorenzo Market. On the second floor you will find the “Magnifici”, named after Lorenzo the Magnificent, prince of the Medici, where you can taste the flavors of all of Italy in an easy and cheerful way! Not to be missed, one of our favorite places.
Always staying in the San Lorenzo district, a really trendy and very romantic restaurant, a bit international…



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